Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, and Business Success

Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, and Business Success

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I recently read an article about Imari Harvard and the way he came to conceive of and create “Timeless Entertainment Concepts” and who almost by accident, tapped into a timeless truth:

Nostalgia sells….

Harvard reports to reporter Robert Jones, “My wife and I just wanted to put together an event where folks could come out for some nostalgic games, cocktails and conversation.”

The story goes that 80 people showed up to play board games from their childhood.  Games like Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land and Twister.  The following month there were 150 attendees and a new business, Play Date Atlanta was born.  Not long after Harvard expanded his business to four other cities using a licensing model and is projecting a whopping $250,000 in sales this year.

Imagine “800 well-dressed, middle-aged adults are sipping cocktails, listening to jazz . . . and playing Candy Land or Twister.”

Is there any reason this could not be you?

I was sharing this story with my wife at dinner and she reciprocated with one she picked up from our veterinarian:

She had taken our 2 year old Shepherd/Chow to the vet for some shots.  While speaking with him he was telling her about the book on nutrition for dogs he had just written.  Sure we all read and listen to the antioxidant ads for dog food, but this is different.

Did you know that way back when, before humans got involved, dogs, which were then more closely related to wolves I guess, did not eat beef.  Sure they ate meat, but not beef.

Can’t you just see in those early years of existence, the ‘prehistoric cows’ grazing away with no concern whatsoever as a pack of canines wandered through.  Well, whatever….. Guess you had to be there.

The point is, here is this veterinarian with a very successful animal care practice which he absolutely loves.  He writes this great book about something he is sincerely passionate about.  And he is creating an internet information publishing business in his spare time.

A business that will probably end up paying him more than his primary vocation and guarantee the retirement he desires.  Just by sharing something he is interested in.

Is there any reason this could not be you?

Just imagine what it will be like to get paid for sharing something you love.  Just imagine your possible business success.

I’ll make a deal with you.

If you will share with me the one thing you believe you would love doing as a vocation more than anything else in this world, whether hobby, vocation, recreation, or past-time, I will help you break through everything that is keeping you from doing it for a living.

In fact, I’ll do one better than that.

If you will share ANY business idea, I will help you determine whether or not it is right for you and if it is I’ll help break through everything that is keeping you from doing it.

Just share your idea in the comment section below.

I am standing for all that is possible for you in life and business.


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6 Responses to “Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, and Business Success”

  1. Marilyn

    Awesome. Thank you for the incentive. Writing has always been my passion, as far back as I can remember. Even my high school English teacher encouraged me to write. Here I am, almost 40 years later, still with the dream of writing books. Now that I have the 40 years of ‘real life’ experience, my book will definitely have more pages than it would have had back in high school! Your feedback would definitely be appreciated.

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  2. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for sharing this story. You are right, it is relevant and there are lots of things you could do with it to help others.

    Before I share some of my specific ideas I am wondering if you have completed any of the exercises I have provided in previous posts. Most notably, the one that is included in “The never Before Published Secret….”

    I am anxious to work with you to create something special out of this if you are game.

    I am standing for all that is possible for you in life and business.


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  3. JB

    Thanks Steve.

    I have been walking casually for 18 years, ever since we moved to within walking distance of the sea. By casually, I mean under no serious style discipline. Last week I began Nordic Walking, which is doing wonders in just a couple of days.

    I live not far from the Eastern Mediterranean shore and for years my primary recreation was taking long walks to and along the beach. My vision of peace and tranquility has been closely connected to this pastime.
    I\\\\\\\’d do anywhere between 5-10 kilometers at a go, walking down to the beach, and then along either the board-walk or the sand for an hour or two. When I a dog, she would come along, and since she died, I do it alone.

    About ten years ago, knee pain began impairing my ability to continue these walks. In fact, there were extended periods of time when I could barely walk at all! I have experienced the excruciating physical and psychological torment that derives from being denied something precious that I had come to take for granted.
    Happily, I have been blessed with the good fortune of finding people, life-style modifications and technology that have combined to allow me to overcome my infirmity. In the process, I have learned to appreciate many other aspects of life that I had also come to take for granted.

    My experience is, of course, relevant to millions of people in every country, and I believe that it can shared to serve many, while also translating into a viable business. I do not really know how to go about this yet, and it was this mindset that I read your post of August 6th titles \\\\"Business Business Everywhere\\\\".



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  4. GREAT Jack -

    Glad your here.

    Several things come to my mind immediately. What kind of walking do you do?


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  5. JB

    Thank you Steve.

    I have actually begun THINKING about creating a business based on my passion for Walking, since first really taking notice of your site about a week ago.

    I will be happy to take you up on your offer to help.


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  6. Jim


    I suppose it really is true that business is everywhere and anywhere you look.

    Cool stories.


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